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Vice Mayor Rex Richardson‎#VillageFest @ Beach Streets ft. Pharcyde, LAW, & Surprise Guest Headliner

Village Fest is back for a third year!

Village Fest at #BeachStreets is hosted by Vice Mayor Rex Richardson and will be rocking the corner of Harding and Atlantic on October 28th.

The lineup to date includes:

· Pharcyde, with a live band- This will be Pharcydes’ third time playing Village Fest, and they are an audience favorite. Their first release in “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde” was two full decades ago, and its sense of timeliness is unmistakable. It shipped over a million units, garnered comparisons to De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest, and has been hailed as one of the greatest albums ever made. Today, the Pharcyde is still performing and touring the globe.

· LAW- LAW is a rock band founded in Long Beach in 2013. The band consists of Jakob Nowell (Vocalist) son of the late Sublime lead vocalist, Bradley Nowell, Nick Aguilar (Drummer), Aidan Palacios (Guitarist), and Logun Spellacy (Bassist). They are currently writing new music and seeking to spread their message through straightforward, to-the-point, no-nonsense rock music.

· Tiago Vega- An artist and songwriter, Tiago is currently working on his debut project RETROGRADE, which has five self-written songs. He has the sound of new R&B wave.

· D.N.A.- D.N.A. is a North Long Beach based band made up of 4 teenagers, including three brothers Nathan (19), Daniel (14) and Angel Luna (13), and Jasmyne Jennings (16). All four members met approximately 3 years ago while taking music lessons locally. D.N.A. plays 70’s and 80’s funk music along with some current covers mixed in.

This year’s Village Fest will also include Beat Swap Meet, a record swap meet featuring dozens of invited record collectors and dealers from all over the USA and beyond. It is the world’s most unique record show featuring music from all genres, all on vinyl, and everything inspired from it. Beat Swap Meet brings together families, music enthusiasts, dance lovers and everyone in between.


The Pharcyde with LIVE BAND at BillBoard Live Tokyo

ファーサイド with LIVE BAND
The Pharcyde with LIVE BAND
ロサンゼルス出身の人気ヒップホップ・グループ、ファーサイドがバンド・セットで登場。ファーサイドは1992年、傑作デビュー・アルバム『Bizarre Ride 2: The Pharcyde』でブレイク。レア・グルーヴ/ソウル/ジャズを巧みに取り入れた耳馴染みのいいビートとウィットに富んだライムで、クロスオーバーなファン層を獲得、ギャングスタ・ラップ全盛のシーンに新風を吹き込んだ。また、95年の2ndアルバム『Labcabincalifornia』からは、故ジェイ・ディーの出世作となった「Runnin’」がフロア・アンセムとして大ヒット。イマーニとブーティー・ブラウンの2MCによるマイク・リレーによる総立ち必至のライブに期待!

10/16(Mon)1st Stage Open 17:30 Start 19:00 / 2nd Stage Open 20:45 Start 21:30

Service Area : ¥7,900 (3) / Casual Area : ¥6,400 (2)


Colorado Show Dates

We are hitting the road and heading over to Colorado to rock a few shows for y’all! Our first stop is at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, then we hit The Belly Up in Aspen and ending our trip at Agave Vail in Avon. We hope to see you there!

For more info on the shows and other upcoming show dates click here.